• Resources and Support to Families

    It is to understand what options are available to you and your loved with a disability. We seek to connect families with a wide array of resources and supports that can help to build a good life and a secure future, from existing agencies and community resources to workshops designed to share tools to direct your own resources effectively.

  • Family Empowerment

    When you have a loved one with a disability, the power of decision-making about the person's life and supports rests primarily with the individual and includes people who they love and trust. We help you to build the skills and knowledge you need to make these decisions confidently and securely.

  • Networking to Build Capacity

    Collaboration builds capacity and enhances problem solving. We foster intentional relationship and networks of people so we can all access supportive, connected spaces for sharing common resources.

  • Shared Values

    We connect people with disabilities, their family, and friends with the mutual goals of citizenship, inclusion, and quality community life. We believe it is powerful to be supporting our family members and friends to direct their own lives.

Family Network Thames Valley

The roots of Family Network Thames Valley began around 1988, when a small number of families started looking for preschool options for their young children with disabilities. Families and educators who believed in inclusion started to gather regularly, and the discussions focused on the dreams of increasing options for children to attend their neighbourhood schools with their brothers, sisters and friends. Thus began the London Chapter of Integration Action Group (later IAI, or Integration Action for Inclusion), and the opportunity to have our voices heard at local Special Education Advisory Committees. Our children were pioneers, paving the way for the future as they were being welcomed into their local schools.

Upcoming Events

Family Resource Sharing Meet Up

14 Oct 2020

Connect with other local families, share how you've been getting through these tough times, and find some new ideas for your family too!

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Recent News

Bill 203: Up for Debate Thursday

22 Sep 2020

On September 16th, after a lot of advocacy and work by families and family led organizations, NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky tabled a Private Members Bill known as the "More Than a Visitor Act" - Bill 203.

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Recent Stories

Sara's Story

29 Apr 2019

Sara is the first to tell you that she has a busy life. Between her three jobs, volunteer position, dance classes, competitive rhythmic gymnastics meet ups, church commitments and hobbies like singing and internet research on life and relationships, she's got plenty on the go.

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